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Write Your First Programme

How to write a programme

Today, I’d like to introduce you how to compile and execute a C program. As we known, C is an advanced programming language, there are four steps for producing a C program:Preprocess, Compile, Link and Execution.
First, a corrected C file without any syntax mistake is needed. Then you can use IDE or Command-Line to compile it.

IDE version

IDE, Integrated Development Environment, is a software which provides users a platform for coding and programming. IDE is convenient and easy to use. However, it may do a lot of things that you don’t know, which I considered harmful to novices. A recommended IDE in windows is Dev C++. In IDE, you can find a execute button on the banner position in general. Then you click it and the IDE will compile and execute you program if no mistake is detected.

Command-Line version

Initially, using Command-Line expertly is a crucial skill for programmer. Although it may a bit hard for you to use Command-Line at first, you are likely to find that with Command-Line your efficiency is promoted. What’s more, you can know more details about how a program is produced by giving command by yourself.Suppose your C file is in desktop. Input the following instructions:

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